Your handbook to the world of Rabbit vibrators

If you have a vagina and are tired of the same old orgasmic approaches, with or without a partner, this two-in-one vibrator is for you. You may go three-way with it with your spouse or spice up your long-distance relationship. It is a beautiful orgasmic instrument that is the ideal companion for you, even if you are not a masturbation expert and are still discovering your sexuality. It is easily accessible on Amazon.


History of the rabbit vibrators.

The rabbit vibrator seen by clicking here, as you may think in its undeniable sense, gets its name from its rabbit-looking shaft; to your surprise, it is a pretty exciting theory to root its history. Since it was made in Japan, the obscenity taboo in japan kind of forced the industry to find a better loophole to give it more of a cute and cuddly classification to escape the country’s taboo. 

Your favorite sex toy originated in 1983 from a Japanese company named Vibratex. It initially came in many other shapes, such as kangaroo, beaver, and even a turtle. Still, our favorite rabbit took the lead and became the industry-leading toy of pleasure. 


The material used to make them.

Rabbit vibrators are often constructed of jelly-like material, silicone, rubber, or latex. Because silicone vibrators are not porous, no germs or foreign debris are absorbed by the toy, and they are easy to clean and maintain. 

It ‘plays’ an essential role in your foreplay to give you the maximum pleasure you deserve! The texture of the material is usually smooth and firm. It often has bumps and some bulges to mimic a veiny penis, thus increasing the reality of your experience.


Features and specialties

The rabbit vibrator stimulates the internal hotspot of the vagina, the g-spot, and the external clitoris. 

Internal: The vibratory rabbit is the clitoral tickler that comes in various shapes, but the rabbit shape arose to fame after its use in one of the episodes of Sex and the City. Most vagina-havers can’t orgasm without clitoral stimulation. Thus the external shaft is a critical component of this sex toy.

External- this is a little tricky since most women experience the spot stimulation from the man-on-behind position; however, with the rabbit vibrator, it’s no biggie. It can easily replace a penis as it’s continuously shaking. 

It gets the job done much better than a thousand other sex toys with these features incorporated into one. 


Customizations – it is versatile in a number of ways. You can choose either the clitoral vibration, the dildo vibration, or both simultaneously. You can also change the vibrational intensity on both these shafts. A rabbit is a promising tool in helping you find your perfect setting. 

You can also choose between the thrusting and pulsating actions of the rabbit, with a shaft that is precisely bent to target the g-spot and revolving beads that produce the desired friction. This way, your hands or your partner’s tongue is free to roam around other sections of your body. You don’t need to tire your hands with the intense thrusting. 

Its whisper-quiet motor makes it easy to preserve your privacy while you’re having your you-time. The device has evolved to gain some apps controlled vibrations as well, facilitating a hands-free experience for you. 


Undoubtedly, the rabbit vibrator is a stimulatory toy that isn’t only multi-areal but multi-action as well. It is a perfect companion for longer climaxes and quicker orgasms. I assure you a good night’s sleep by generating irresistible tickling sensations against the nipples or clitoral area. You could also use it against the vulva, anus, testicles, and any part that tingles you! Toss in some amount from the bottle of a yummy lube for an exotic experience. Remember, don’t let anyone do any kind of masturbation policing against you; simply lure yourself into maximum satisfaction.


What if the vibrator is incompatible with your body type?  

The beauty of the vulva is that there’s no correct size or shape. All of us have a unique shape, and unfortunately, vibrators haven’t yet reached the inclusive size market. But you could easily modify and learn techniques to adjust the device to your settings. 

The external shaft nub is expensive primarily enough, and you could use one hand to move the shaft and the other to hold it by its handle. Orr, you could simply hold the shaft to get more focussed vibrations on the clitoral hood and lose hold of the handle. However, the best way is to place the clitoral shaft on the clitoral hood and run the dildo shaft back and forth, rubbing against your g-spot. Some toys reach the target to satisfy all body types or masturbation styles; try to find the most suitable one by looking on sites such as twice tonight.

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